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How It Works

Call 888-22-DATES and you will be given two options:

1) Press One to set up your call with a discrete sexy representative at no additional cost. Our representative will take your billing information and find the right match for your desired fetish or fantasy. You may also request girls you’ve spoken with in the past and set up future calls. You are not billed for this portion of the call. If you wish to set up FaceTime or Skype Video Chat, purchase keepsakes, custom pictures or Sexting packages, select this option.

2) Press Two to set up your call using our automated system. Using this option you will enter your billing information with your touchtone keypad. Once approved you will have a menu of fetish and fantasy options to choose from. You will still have the option to request a custom fantasy with a sexy representative.


Billing begins once you have been connected with your girl. Ask a representative if you wish to have a cut-off time on your call. You may also request to have your girl call you at a certain time if you need time to get ready.

Billing is always discrete and any personal information you provide is kept strictly confidential. Charges will appear on your credit card statement as “Intertel”. Please note that your card is charged after your call is complete and you may notice remaining or unused authorizations on your billing statement. These are not charges and will be removed. 

We use a double blind system so that none of your information including telephone number and billing details will be shared with your girl.

We pride ourselves in being an ethical and reliable service. If you have any questions about billing or need assistance we are available 24/7. Just call 888-22-DATES and ask to speak with a representative.

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